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This is what can potentially happen when you entrust your data to a cloud provider. Most cloud providers work on the principle of ‘we will fix it if it breaks’. In technology terms that means some sort of failure/restart mechanism, active/passive – call it what you want. At the end of the day though you […]

Ah, the cloud and its availability. All credit to Microsoft for publishing its latest Office365 figures with the unveiling of its Trust Center. I think we can let them off for the catastrophic lighting strike event but I must take them to task over the ‘normal’ SLA of 99.9%. This is way over 8 hours […]

Mission-critical systems in the datacentre, whether they be on-premise or in the cloud, are exactly that – critical to the successful operation of whatever enterprise they are supporting. This article explores and links this relationship to the physical environment where, as we know, we ought to be thinking of this more from a logical point […]

Here is a list of some of the industries that will gain from adopting the cloud … Although they at first seem quite disparate, there is a common theme that hangs them together. Whether it be a mature IT company or a start-up, if you move your services to the cloud, then you expect that […]

A few warnings here about the potential peripheral costs of cloud computing … One of the factors mentioned is the additional cost of availability. Now, for the compute node, there is a very elegant solution. It’s called a fault tolerant server. It will provide the uptime assurance that you want and deserve.

If I were running a mission critical service, I would want to control it myself. I am just beginning to wonder if there will be a backlash against the cloud before too long. It would save things like this happening. Oh, and if your service is truly mission critical, host it on a server with […]

This week’s guest blogger, Stratus’s Joop Janssen, provides his fourth tip on how to avoid the Internet Crawl that is bound to happen during the 2012 Olympic Games. Today’s tip is: Remember when thousands of Amazon Web Service customers went down for four days last April? Amazon blamed them for their lack of foresight. If […]


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