Downtime Costs eBay’ Customers their Reputation


This is just what you don’t want when selling some surplus items on an auction site.

Even though eBay is offering compensation to its customers, who knows what their item might have sold for if the site had been up and running normally? Or how many customers who might have kept coming back will just not bother?

Downtime costs  more than just money. The points raised and statistics quoted by Dave Laurello in this piece are well worth absorbing, remembering, tweeting and sharing by whatever means necessary.

Cutting to the chase, the main point is this:

It is very, very easy to, in a very, very short space of time, totally, totally trash a brilliant reputation that has taken years to gently, gently establish.

There is no ‘going, going gone’ when it comes to reputation in today’s electronic environment. There is just ‘gone’.

Yes, I know I’m repeating myself. Yes, I know I’ve said it before and you know I’ll say it again (probably tomorrow):

Downtime costs. Uptime matters …

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